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Ann’s Experience - Sunrider Foods

Twenty plus years ago, due to serious health challenges of my own including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, etc., that mainstream medicine was not able to address, I embarked on a quest for better health.

At the time I was first introduced to Sunrider I was a stay-at-home mom with 4 young children. In addition to my chronic muscle and joint pain I was developing neurological symptoms including vision and balance problems, twitching nerves and muscles and suffered from extreme chronic fatigue. I was constantly sick with throat, sinus and various other types of infections. Each time the doctors would treat me,  I would recover from the infection but then my neurological and pain symptoms would become much worse.

Despite my many doctors testing me for everything they could think of, they could not come up with a diagnosis. One neurologist wrote on my chart "fibromyalgia??" I was getting weaker and weaker and could barely muster the energy to cook a meal or get a load of laundry into the washer.

I felt that I was not going to be around much longer, and unbeknownst to me, my mother was of the same opinion. She expressed her concern about my poor health to her friend Marg. Marg came and introduced me to the Sunrider foods and gave me advice on how to get the best results (which I followed to a T).  

Within one to two weeks of introducing these amazing products into my life, my energy was beginning to come back and my pain was subsiding gradually. Three months later, I was pain FREE! Eight months later, I had more energy than I had had even as a child, and additionally, I lost somewhere between 25 and 30 pounds of unwanted fat! My skin became clear and vibrant and to this day twenty years later, I regularly get compliments on my skin!  

I've been eating and using all the Sunrider products ever since and adjust my program as my life and situations change.

After my success with the products, my family was the next to benefit.

As a young family twenty years ago, we were regularly at the doctor's offices with ear and throat infections, which of course were treated with the usual antibiotics. By introducing Sunrider, we no longer were making regular doctor office visits because we were able to fight off those bugs by strengthening our bodies with herbal whole foods.  

Other notable Humble family success stories include:

  • Our oldest son's 'lazy' eye repairing and correcting itself.

  • Our daughter, who was a competitive trampolinist, healed a broken leg in half the normal time enabling her to compete on trampoline and double mini trampoline eight weeks after her accident. Most experts and trainers would have expected her to be out of competition at least until the next season.

I hope you'll give your body the chance to experience regeneration.  It will thank you in ways you can't even imagine.      

Ann’s Clients


Well, you were right!! Absolutely NOTHING compares to SR’s skin care and make up line!!! I just wish I would have started on them much earlier!! Previously, I have used other brands specializing in skin care and makeup..... NONE compare in the least!!! I am amazed at how the SR skin care products work together, so far one of my big favourites being the Kandesn cleansing cream and gentle cleanser! I just love these 2 steps together! My skin feels TRULY clean and light after washing and putting on the skin care and make up. Another utmost favourite of mine is the foundation (and concealer), IT IS TO DIE FOR!!! I LOVE that it is water soluble!!! I am actually amazed all foundations aren’t like this!? It only makes sense! I can honestly say, I will never, ever, ever go back to using another foundation or other brand of skin care/cosmetics.... if something’s not broken, why try to fix it!? Seriously.

I love that each product goes a long way and lasts for months of daily use! They smell soooo good, and I know this isn’t deceiving, it’s not bad for my skin at all! I am so in love with these SR skin care products!!! I am a SR lifer! This is only the start of my SR skin care journey, and I cannot wait for me, and my skin! (hee hee) to experience more product excitement!!!
— TF, Regina
Following the session (with Ann), I drank plenty of Sunrider Fortune Delight with Electrosport for minerals, gave Tarun (our son) Quinary straight from the package and his very first food was Vitadophil-sauce, the probiotic in an apple flake powder. In just a day or two he was great and despite being in a childcare germ factory once a week he wasn’t sick again for another 4 months. Luckily, I was able to get him to see Ann again and already the cough and inability to cry has passed. With the biofeedback and now supplementing Tarun’s diet with the Sunrider baby formula recipe, his nutritional levels are awesome and he is so strong and active.
— Joanne Yanke - JYYoga, Saskatoon


I loved being a part of the remote sessions. What a great way to remember to take time out of a busy week and take care of myself. I feel I received benefits in relaxation, and to be able to acknowledge the painful and stressful parts of my week. Anne has such a genuine, caring heart and I really enjoyed how she integrates nutrition and her other gifts and skills into the sessions. I am so thankful for every minute I get to spend with this amazing woman!
— Heather Pinay - Regina
Ann uses some of the latest technology along in conjunction with clinically proven mind/body techniques and the highest quality herbal nutritionals to provide balance to her clients. She is a master in clarifying the person’s perception of the situation and leading them to solutions they already had available but couldn’t quite identify on their own. While her mastery of coaching is invaluable, I sometimes think the greater benefits others enjoy from her services result from her inner innate qualities and character. Her voice tells all. It comes from a place of calmness and clarity and as you soon find out – a desire to help others. You are certainly in good hands!
— Randy Fritz - Edmonton
Biofeedback WOW - I can’t even express the difference that biofeedback has made in how I feel - both physically and more importantly, mentally. I suffer from depression and started using biofeedback along with my medications. My meds very quickly dropped from 60 mg to 20 mg a day! I can’t explain how or why it works for me . Not only does this system seem to know what I need, but there have been occasions that it has picked up on why I need what I need (even before I had it figured out!) I can go into a session feeling depressed and sad and when I am done I am “lighter” and calmer and able to deal with anything that comes my way. I know that I feel good, I am healthy, and that mentally I am a million times better and that biofeedback has been a huge part of that! And, Ann, I can never thank you enough for your gentle treatment, compassion and empathy in helping me through this journey!
— JF, Regina
I’ve have had many sessions with this device. It amazes me how in-depth and beneficial it is. I found it very useful to get in touch with my body and to learn what it needs to work on. It seems to tap into my body both physically and emotionally. Biofeedback is something every member of the family should experience, not only to become aware of what is going on inside their bodies, but more importantly to enhance their overall health in general. And it’s great for pets too!
— SS, Regina
I am the mother of a four-year-old girl who had warts on her hands and face (about 10 in all). I was unwilling to burn them off or use the chemicals that the doctor had prescribed, since they were right along her bottom lip. I decided to try a biofeedback session. We have a friend who had success with it, so I was hopeful and knew we had nothing to lose. About a month after it was done, the large warts started to bleed and fall off, and the small warts that had just started coming just disappeared! Now, about six weeks later, my daughter is free of all warts!
— JL, Storthoaks, SK


I love your coaching. You have changed my life around in very difficult times. I have been working on what financial balance and harmony is for me and more abundant living.

I no longer need a partner to feel complete. Thank you. A good partner would be a bonus, but, it is not necessary anymore. I can say no, real fast to bad ones. Yes.....! Words can’t express how grateful I am to be with my daughter at night and on weekends now. I’m not with her every evening, but most. My daughter asked me what I would do if I had endless money. That turned into quite an exercise. I need to break all the barriers of poverty that I have lived with and create new visions. No wonder I never move out of this. I really need to work on this. I want to clarify the above and work on it with you.

Because, of your guidance I have inner peace, harmony, love and joy. It means everything. I am happy again. Not often in my life, have I been.

Love and thank you so much.
— RC, Toronto
I really appreciated the listening ear.
Ann asked me questions.
I answered the questions.
And then she brought my answers all together.
This shed some light on things that I thought had no relation to the issues I was concerned about. Thanks, Ann.
— MN, Regina

Note:  This testimonial has been edited to protect the privacy of the writer.