Distance (remote) Biofeedback

How does it work?

Energy exchange without visible connections has existed since the beginning of time. Quantum physics is now starting to explain these invisible connections and part of what Quantum theory tells us is that frequencies and wave forms can travel unlimited distances. It has also been discovered that the human system, at the most basic level, operates according to the laws of quantum physics and energetics. Using this principle, the Indigo biofeedback device creates signals (much like a radio transmitter) and targets the client as a recipient, much in the same way that a cell phone allows two people to speak to one another thousands of miles or just feet away from one another.

Cells in our bodies resonate in certain patterns. Research has shown that we are constantly bombarded with disruptive or negative energy signals from a diverse array of sources; microwaves, cell phones, computers, high tension wires, just to name a few. The Indigo device measures the client's responses to over 11,000 frequencies and where it senses imbalances, sends 're-training' or balancing frequency signals.  

Best results using this method seem to be achieved:

  • When the client is well hydrated

  • When the client is in a quiet space without distractions

  • Just before bed/nap time

Remote sessions offer the client flexible appointment times and the comfort of their own home or office. The results are uniquely experienced either in a subtle or an extraordinary way. Try a session for yourself!