#1 Live Healthy Till 100

Have you ever thought about REGENERATING instead of DE-generating as you age?


an exceptional opportunity!

As a stay at home mom, it never occurred to me that I could succeed at being a business owner and entrepreneur. My Sunrider business has given me the opportunity to work with gifted mentors and colleagues who have helped me acquire skills, professional development not to mention the enduring lifelong friendships that would never have been possible on my previous life journey.

I love working and associating with other Sunriders. They are the happiest people I know. They are living healthy, purpose driven lives and truly making a difference on this planet.

I am so grateful to Marg Chamberlain, the lady who so many years ago, had the courage and persistence to tell me about Sunrider and then be my sounding board, teacher and first mentor, setting me on this amazing path.

To learn how my team and I are helping people ‘Live Healthy Till 100’ while also creating secondary, primary, passive and residual income streams, just click on the 3 part video series at left.


Here are just a few reasons Sunriders have shared why they love the Sunrider Business:

  • Get your Sunrider products paid for;

  • Work at your desired pace: casual, part time or full time, the choice is yours;

  • Hang out with healthy, happy people;

  • Give yourself a real and tangible opportunity to help other people create health, secondary or primary income streams or or both;

  • Unlimited earning potential;

  • Low start up cost ($77 CAD/$59 USD);

  • Learn as you go with the support and training from upline, sideline,  great company tools and regular live on-line webinars and conferences in exotic (usually warm) places;

  • Have an occupation that gives you a profound life purpose;

  • Travel;

  • Freedom.

How do I make money at this?

Sunrider’s Infinity Compensation Plan

The industry’s gold standard in network distribution compensation!

Sunrider has recently rebranded and enlisted the expertise of industry experts to originate a compensation plan that is generous, fair and unique in the network distribution industry.

What makes this plan unique?

  • Pays infinitely deep (no breakaways).

  • No ‘leg balancing’ binary system!

  • Fast start bonuses to encourage and reward newcomers in their first 3 months.

  • Advancement bonuses and check matching to reward leaders for training and supporting their new IBO’s and leaders.

3 Ways to Join Sunrider

  1. Retail Customer - sign up and enjoy our high quality products at retail price!

  2. Preferred Customer - enroll with an annual fee ($39CAD/$30USD) and receive 5% off retail price. Enroll in monthly Autoship and earn 10% off retail price. Autoship packs are available on your sponsor’s IBO page and www.sunrider.com. Earn free promotional items and other benefits throughout the year of enrollment.

  3. Independent Business Owner (IBO) - purchase a Starter Pack ($77CAD/$59USD) and enjoy 10% off retail price. IBO membership includes IBO Pages, Sunrider University, Business Center Sunrider Office mobile app, and online marketing tools. IBOs can also select their favorite products for monthly Autoship. One year after you join as an IBO there is an annual renewal fee of $59 to maintain your IBO membership and benefits.

Your Path to Success

Below you’ll find information additional information about compensation and what to expect in the first few months of your new business. For full Infinity Compensation Plan details, please download the pdf here.