Frequently Asked Questions

• How long is a biofeedback session?

Ideally, most full-length sessions are approximately 60 – 90 minutes.  For your first session, allow approximately two hours to allow plenty of time to discuss your health history and your particular area of interest, as well as running the biofeedback retraining session.  For those who invest in a series of sessions, the session times most often drop in length as the series progress, due to the body’s quicker responses to the retraining signatures.

A "mini" or introductory nutrition assessment usually lasts only 30 - 45 minutes and clients are welcome to bring along their current supplements to check resonance levelsWhat can biofeedback do for me?

  • What kind of benefits can biofeedback provide?

    Biofeedback has been shown to reduce stress, physical and emotional pain, depression and anxiety, allergies and many other conditions. It can also assist with enhanced mental focus, sport performance and many other benefits. It can also provide insights as to where there are imbalances in the body. The Quantum Clarity report that comes to you after your session, gives a wealth of knowledge in an organized.

• Do I need to do anything to prepare for biofeedback?

Because biofeedback works on the principle of electro dermal response, we advise clients to come to their sessions as well-hydrated as possible. We recommend in the days/week ahead of your session to be diligent about drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day to optimize the outcome of your biofeedback session.

Biofeedback is a process of retraining the body to do what it should do naturally; so come with an attitude of positivity and openness.  Resistance and skepticism can hinder the relaxation process.

• What should I wear to my biofeedback session?

Wear comfortable clothing that allows the practitioner to easily fasten the limb and head harnesses so that they make easy contact with your skin at the ankles, wrists and forehead.  A private washroom/change area is available for those needing to remove full-length hosiery.

To facilitate a comfortable reclining position, hair styles involving pony tails, bob pins, etc. should be avoided for that day.

Jewelry including pierced items, should be kept to a minimum to minimize electrical interference.

• Will I feel anything?  

During the session itself, most clients do not feel anything physically.   A small number may notice slight tingling at the harness points.  Occasionally, during the four-minute initial training, some may feel slightly light-headed or experience a fluttering sensation through the forehead.  These usually pass quickly, and when they do occur, the client is simply advised to relax and breathe deeply.

Emotionally, some may notice a significant drop in anxiety and nervousness.  Some clients are actually relaxed to the point of falling asleep during their session.

• How soon can I expect to notice changes?    

Results will vary from person to person.  Some notice changes during their first session, others will notice changes in the day/week following the session.  Others may take many sessions to notice improvements.

• I have a pacemaker, is biofeedback safe for me?  

Because biofeedback uses mild electrical impulses, clients who have received pacemakers, may be well-advised to avoid biofeedback.  Those with a pacemaker will be required to submit a medical doctor’s certificate stating that the client may participate in biofeedback.   No exceptions will be made.  

• I have epilepsy, Is biofeedback safe for me?

Some practitioners have noted cases of improvement for conditions like Autism, ADD/ADHD, epilepsy and other brainwave disorders responding positively to biofeedback.  However, because mild electrical impulses are used, a doctor’s certificate will be required for clients with these conditions. Same as for pacemakers.  See above.

• What is the cost?

With each individual session you will also receive a 35 page Quantum Clarity report detailing probable imbalances and what can be done to remedy them.

  • In person sessions: $150/session or prepay for 3 sessions and get a fourth session free.

  • Remote/distance sessions: $125/session or prepay for 3 and get a fourth session free.

  • Intro/mini session: $69/session

• Where are you located?

In person sessions are done at 6127 Brunskill Place, Regina, Sk.  For those who have difficulty with stairs, please advise ahead of your appointment, so your session can be set up in the most accessible area.

Remote or distance sessions can be done with you at home sitting/laying in your favorite comfortable spot, with access to a phone or phone or tablet doing a zoom meeting. While it is not necessary for the client to be aware of when the session is being done, it is more beneficial to do so.