Wellness Bootcamps in Sask. MARCH 8, 9 & 10

Between Randy Fritz and Ann Humble there is more than 60 years of experience in the nutrition and alternative health industries. On the weekend of March 8, 9 & 10, 2019, they will be facilitating Wellness Bootcamps in Regina, Montmartre and Saskatoon.

Join us for an eye opening and informative 3 hours of interactive discussion finished off by an informal social that will include sampling exclusive Sunrider whole foods.

Randy Fritz:   Randy is a certified nutritional consultant and iridologist who has created “Vitality Analysis” -  a powerful unique tool for determining the levels of ‘vitaliy’ in the body,  and which foods and supplements enhance that vitality and which food sensitivities are decreasing that vitality. Learn what Vitality Analysis has revealed about eating better.

Ann Humble  is Certified Biofeedback Practitioner, Lifestyle Coach and Tapping into Wealth Coach, Former fitness club owner and trainer.  For almost 30 years, Ann has been teaching people about the body, what it requires to  self balance and regenerate, and what foods and lifestyle choices interfere with this natural process.   Learn about techniques and tools Ann uses to help her clients.

Regina Wellness Bootcamp, March 8, 7-10 pm + Optional Potluck supper (5:30-6:30) Hosted by Ann Humble at 6127 Brunskill Pl., Regina, Sask. Register here or call or text 306.533.7544 to register

Montmartre Wellness Bootcamp, March 9, 10am - 1 pm. Hosted by Veronica Hanson at Sisters Bistro, Montmartre Sask. Register here or call/text 306.339.7772 or email vh.16waters@gmail.com

Saskatoon Wellness Bootcamp 1 - 4 pm - Location: Round Prairie Library 170-250 Hunter Road, Saskatoon, Register here or call or text 306.370.3960


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