Regeneration or Substitution?

As our boomer population gets older, it appears that we have increasingly become dependent on substitution to take over or 'substitute' normal functions that the body should normally be able to do on its own.   I think there are probably two main reasons for this trend: 1) readily available medications and isolated nutritional supplementation and 2) tiLme/convenience.

A simple example of substitution is taking vitamin C which in effect has become an isolated nutrient or chemical because it is no longer part of the whole.  But when we eat the orange, the vitamin C is actually assimilated more easily because all of the elements the body needs to identify and process the vitamin C are right there in the whole orange.

It is harder and harder to get quality whole foods now, so that is why I have and continue to use the Sunrider Whole Foods.

Here is a short video presentation explaining the difference between regeneration and substitution.  I have experienced both and am absolutely clear that regeneration is what we should be striving for and substitution should be used ONLY in crisis or emergency situations and for short periods of time.