Simple Spring Detox

Spring has sprung and the it's now the season when the liver naturally detoxes to get rid of accumulated fat and metabolic sludge.   If you are experiencing low energy, weight gain, skin irritations, itchy eyes, painful or stiff joints, headache or depression, it might be due to an overloaded liver.

Because so many of us can't afford any downtime, it's important to keep the detoxing process as simple and painless as possible.  Sunrider offers some great products that support the liver safely and gently while accomplishing deep tissue cleansing.  To learn more, listen in here for this week's product conference call recording.  

If after listening in, you are ready to give your liver some love, call or email me and I'll be happy to hook you up with Simply the Best Sunrider spring tonic cleansing products:  Calli, Fortune Delight and Dandelion Root.